Joseph Ehlinger Coca-Cola Olympic Torch Relay

Olympic Torch Relay – Run with It

15,000 Miles • 43 States • 84 Non-Stop Days

Assignment: Create Coca-Cola goodwill and brand affinity all along the Olympic Torch Relay route – Los Angeles to Atlanta – by exciting crowds eager to see the Olympic flame.

The tour was dubbed a "Rolling Street Party," where activators on branded trailers/stages would sample product and pump up the crowd with live D.J's, dancing and music right before the torch runner's arrival. (Watch the video below.)

This coast-to-coast spectacle was the largest Coca-Cola expenditure of year. It was headed by Mark "Dill" Driscoll, founder of Momentum, which was the experiential agency for McCann-Erickson.


The Flame Burns Bright

I traveled with the Olympic Torch Relay as the Live TV Director. Every day was like waking up to the 4th of July. Take a look at the video I shot and you'll see what I mean. (I even got to run the torch!)

Joseph Ehlinger Coca-Cola Olympic Torch Relay mobile Jumbotron

Daily Video Feeds for NBC Affiliates

I created and produced the Coca-Cola Olympic Torch Relay show, which was performed twice daily at the noon and evening torch lighting ceremonies. I wrote the Emcee script, edited sizzle videos and directed the live coverage for NBC staions. Local audiences watched our video coverage on a mobile jumbotron.