Essential Workers

Pitney Bowes is fulfilling its role to keep businesses operational during the pandemic: 750,000 clients worldwide, including 90% of the Fortune 500. See more Pitney Bowes work. Editorial: Sniffen Productions.

Open Your Eyes

SendPro Analytics enables businesses to automatically track all their mailing, shipping and receiving data. It analyzes current practices and recommends specific options for saving. Editorial: Bindery, NYC.

TV Commercial Montage

Over 50 national spots: KFC, P&G, J&J, Kraft, Smith-Kline, Sudafed, 3M, Kodak, TIME Magazine, Merrill Lynch and Super Bowl TV. See more tv and radio commercials.

Kforce Super Bowl TV

Introduce Kforce, a new online jobsite to compete against Monster and Hotjobs. Registered nearly 2.5 million hits on game day before the servers crashed. Voted a "Top 10" spot by USA Today and Yahoo.

Pitney Bowes Intelligent Lockers

Introduction of a cloud-based, end-to-end solution for organizations needing to streamline their package handling and delivery operations. Wrote video, e-book and trade materials. Editorial: Bindery, NYC.

The Avo 88

Avo Uvezian is a world-renowned cigar maker and virtuoso jazz musician. A celebration was held in New York City for his 88th birthday and his latest cigar composition. I wrote the script and read the voice-over.

Hey Bartender

A mash-up movie trailer for the documentary feature film ”Hey Bartender,” directed by Doug Triola. I composed and recorded the music, then edited the video from the original trailer footage.

Trojan Wild Sex

A viral video concept intended for young adult websites, such as "College Humor" and "Funny or Die." I came up with the idea, recorded the music and edited the video. The use of stock footage keeps production costs low.