TV Montage

Over 40 national spots: KFC, P&G, J&J, Kraft, SKB, Sudafed, 3M, Kodak, TIME Magazine, Merrill Lynch and Super Bowl TV. See more tv and radio commercials.

Kforce Super Bowl TV

Introduce Kforce, a new online jobsite to compete against Monster and Hotjobs. Registered nearly 2.5 million hits on game day before the servers crashed. Voted a "Top 10" spot by USA Today and Yahoo.

The Avo 88

Avo Uvezian is a world-renowned cigar maker and virtuoso jazz musician. A celebration was held in New York City for his 88th birthday and his latest cigar composition. Wrote the script and read the voice-over.

Trojan Wild Sex

Viral video concept intended for young adult websites such as "College Humor" and "Funny or Die." Came up with the idea, recorded the music and edited the video. Use of stock footage keeps the production costs low.

Hey Bartender

A mash-up movie trailer for the documentary feature film ”Hey Bartender,” directed by Doug Triola. Composed and recorded the soundtrack and edited the video from the original trailer footage.

U.S. Postal Service Pitch

A sizzle video created to introduce the creative section of the USPS new business pitch. Wrote the script, performed the character voices and edited the footage to match the lip-synch.