Kforce Super Bowl TV

Introduce Kforce, a new online jobsite to compete against Monster and Hotjobs. Registered nearly 2.5 million hits on game day before the servers crashed. Voted a "Top 10" spot by USA Today and Yahoo. The Art Director was Lori Sibal.

New York Lottery Yearly Raise

At over $60 million dollars, the New York Lottery was the largest billing account at Grey. This amount is even more impressive since it is all spent in New York state. The Art Director was Steve Rosenthal.

3M Post-it Flags Launch

National TV introduction of 3M Post-it Flags. This commercial won a Mobius award. No chickens were harmed in the making of this spot. The Art Director was Mark Driscoll.

KFC – Two New Product Intros

The Colonel's Rotisserie Gold campaign was one of KFC's most successful launches, increasing sales 17% and remaining on air for three months. Char-Grill was a test market launch. The Art Directors were Bruce Cumsky and Steve Makransky, respectively.


Captain Morgan "Fries With That?"

Hear how a disgruntled fast food cashier suddenly gets discovered as the next rap superstar. Captain Morgan always adds a splash of the unexpected. Joe Barone produced this spot.

MGD "Bottle of Paradise"

Imagine using a surreal fever dream to introduce the Miller Genuine Draft 16 oz. wide neck bottle. The narrator is Dennis Predovic and the tag annoucer is Tony Hoylen. Getting thirsty yet?

Captain Morgan "Game Time"

Radio for Af-Am markets to launch Captain Morgan's Long Island Iced Tea. I wrote, recorded and mixed this spot in my office at Colangelo. Voice-over is by the very talented Julian Long.

Levi 501 Blabbermouth Blue Jeans

Wake up to the 501 blues. Sometimes your button fly can be a bit too chatty. I wrote this spot and read the voice-over.

Burger King "Ice Concert"

To promote their new late hours, Burger King U.K. sponsored an ice festival EDM concert called "B.K. Ice." Rave on.

Ring's End Co-Op Ad "Kitty Wiskers"

Colorful inspiration. These crazy names for Benjamin Moore paint shades are 100% real. I wrote this spot and recorded the voice-over.