Smithwick's Irish Ale intro print ads in the U.S. - Joseph Ehlinger, copywriter

Conquer America

Assignment: Reveal the real reason it took nearly 300 years to introduce Smithwick's, Ireland's oldest and most beloved ale, to the United States.


Boylan Soda print campaign - Joseph Ehlinger, copywriter

Make It Pop

Assignment: Boylan soft drinks are made with old-fashioned care and quality. Develop a brand identity that captures their distinctive heritage and craftsmanship.


GQ Magazine Diageo Scotch primer - Joseph Ehlinger, copywriter

Long Story Short

Assignment: Develop a four-page primer for GQ Magazine on how to select fine Scotch whiskey from the Diageo portfolio. Adapt content for online and promotional use.


Bulleit Bourbon Guide  - Joseph Ehlinger, copywriter

Frontier Whiskey

Assignment: Uncork the story of a legendary 1830's bourbon that pioneered the American West.


Lexmark printers ad campaign - Joseph Ehlinger, copywriter

Think Inside the Box

Assignment: Infuse Lexmark business printers with a vibrant new identity that stands out in a drab, utilitarian category.


Jif peanut butter college campaign - Joseph Ehlinger, copywriter

Work for Peanuts

Assignment: Born to dorm. Increase brand awareness and consumption on college campuses.