Link to Boylan Soda print campaign

Make It Pop

Assignment: Boylan soft drinks are made with old-fashioned care and quality. Develop a brand identity that captures their distinctive heritage and craftsmanship.


GQ Magazine Diageo Scotch primer

Long Story Short

Assignment: Develop a four-page primer for GQ Magazine on how to select fine Scotch whiskey from the Diageo portfolio. Adapt content for online and promotional use.


Jif peanut butter college campaign

Work for Peanuts

Assignment: Born to dorm. Jif is high in protein, inexpensive and doesn't need to be refrigerated. Increase brand awareness and consumption on college campuses.


Bulleit Bourbon Guide

Frontier Whiskey

Assignment: Uncork the story of a legendary 1830's bourbon that pioneered the American West.


Lexmark printers ad campaign

Think Inside the Box

Assignment: Infuse Lexmark business printers with a vibrant new identity that stands out in a drab, utilitarian category.


Link to Smithwick's Irish Ale intro print ads

Conquer America

Assignment: Introduce Smithwick's, Ireland's oldest and most beloved ale, to the United States.