Joseph Ehlinger Pepsi Sierra Mist Introduction

Sierra Mist National Introduction

Largest 1 Day Sampling Event in Pepsi History

Assignment: Transform more than 9,000 bottling plant employees into a one-day street sampling army to generate mass awareness and trial of PepsiCo's new lemon-lime soft drink Sierra Mist.

I wrote the Field Activation Guide that provided plant administrators the step-by-step instructions needed to train employees. The sampling day activation was led by Vivid Marketing in Atlanta, an experiential agency. Watch the video below.


Sierra Mist Takes Manhattan

Pepsi workers took to the streets of New York City on a bitter cold day in January. They gave New Yorkers their first taste of Sierra Mist in high-traffic areas, such as Grand Central Station and Times Square. The frigid temperatures could not chill their irresistible enthusiasm. I shot and edited the NYC sampling event. Take a look.

Joseph Ehlinger Experiential Pepsi Sierra Mist Introduction

Guide to Record Results

Even by PepsiCo standards, the Sierra Mist National Sampling Day was an ambitious initiative. Here are the results:

  • 9,000 employees volunteered to participate
  • 135 markets activated
  • 5 million Sierra Mist samples distributed
All coordinated from the Field Activation Guide I wrote. A sparkling success!