joseph ehlinger luxury goods

Luxury Goods – Creating Desire

Why would anyone spend $200 for a bottle of Scotch? Or $50 for a single cigar?

The marketing of luxury goods nimbly sidesteps practicality and logic. It tugs at emotions. Stokes your desires. And seamlessly turns love-to-have into a must have.

Link to Johnnie Walker Blue Label Experience

Are You Experienced?

A Diageo program for upscale accounts to offer a glass of Johnnie Walker Blue Label as the ultimate way to mark a special occasion.


Link to Avo Uvezian video celebrating his 88th birthday and launch of the Avo 88 Cigar

Video: The Avo 88 Cigar

Avo Uvezian is a luxury cigar legend. I wrote the video that celebrates his 88th birthday and the debut of the Avo 88 Cigar.


Link to Johnnie Walker Blue Label Engraving Program

Engraved Invitation

To encourage gifting, Johnnie Walker Blue Label periodically provides free engraving to make its rare Scotch even more one-of-a-kind.


Link to Crown Royal 75th Anniversary Whiskey Print Campaign

Crowning Achievement

A limited-edition 75th anniversary whisky to commemorate the original Crown Royal served to King George VI in 1939.


Link to Don Julio 1942 Video – Social Media and Trade

Video: The Making Of

A sensuous, behind-the-scenes look at a photo shoot for a new Don Julio 1942 print campaign. I edited the video.


Link to Chivas Regal Scotch print campaign

Chivas Regal 18

This confident, minimalist print campaign humorously explains why each bottle of 18 year-old Scotch is individually numbered.