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The Day All Health Breaks Loose

The Monday Campaigns is a nonprofit public health initiative associated with Johns Hopkins, Columbia and Syracuse Universities that's dedicated to reducing preventable chronic disease.

Each Monday, it provides science-based content to subscribers, health professionals, schools, government agencies and across social media channels to encourage healthy behaviors in diet, exercise, stress reduction and smoking cessation.

For diet, Meatless Monday promotes choosing not to eat meat one day a week for health and environmental benefits. This campaign is now supported in 44 countries and over 20 different languages.

Video: Carnivores Go Meatless on Monday

The Gotham Burger Social Club, NYC's premier burger club, was enlisted to go meatless each Monday for a month to discover the best meatless burgers in Manhattan. Promoted via social media to their 145,000 Instagram followers. Created video idea and script. Edit and animation by Zach Bohrst. Read the Gotham Burger Social Club story.

Video: Why Monday Is Your Best Day to Quit Smoking

Quit cigarettes for good. Learn why Monday is your best day to quit – and to stick to your quit – until you’re finally smoke free. Informative video presents research from Johns Hopkins University and the Truth Initiative published in JAMA. Edit and animation by Zach Bohrst.

Video: Make Monday Your Day to Reset Healthy Habits

The key to establishing healthy habits is consistency. Use Monday to set a healthy new behavior for the week, such as exercising or eating better. Then recommit to this behavior each following Monday. It's like getting a New Year's resolution 52 times a year. Edit and animation by Zach Bohrst.

Quit & Stay Quit Monday

Provides weekly tips, tools and resources to help smokers end their nicotine addiction. Content successfully used by U.S. state health departments and the U.S. military.

DeStress Monday

Provides practical, science-based exercises each Monday to help manage and reduce stress, resulting in a more positive and productive mindset for the week.

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