Joseph Ehlinger Copywriter Pitney Bowes SendPro Mailstation Introduction

Video - On Demand

Pitney Bowes uses video for many different purposes. Fortunately, I come from a television background: Over 50 national TV spots, including a Super Bowl commercial.

I have hands-on experience in shooting, video editing and audio recording.

I can guide the transition from written script to finished video.

Shipping Holiday Happiness

During the holidays, the people of Pitney Bowes Global Ecommerce work night and day to ship millions of packages around the world. Design & Art Direction: Andy Wood. Editorial: Sniffen Productions.

Essential Workers

This corporate video shows how Pitney Bowes employees are fulfilling a vital role to keep businesses operating during the pandemic. See more Pitney Bowes work. Editorial: Sniffen Productions.

Global Ecommerce: 360˚ View

Create a short, high-impact overview of the Global Ecommerce business unit. Highlight the resources and capabilities using existing footage. I wrote the script and edited the video.

Open Your Eyes

SendPro Analytics enables businesses to automatically track all their mailing, shipping and receiving data. It analyzes current practices and recommends specific options for saving. Editorial: Bindery, NYC.

Pitney Bowes Intelligent Lockers

Introduction of a cloud-based, end-to-end solution for organizations needing to streamline their package handling and delivery operations. Wrote video, e-book and trade materials. Editorial: Bindery, NYC.

Pitney Bowes Mailstation Launch

This introductory video presents an overview of the new SendPro Mailstation, highlighting the features and benefits of this compact, cloud-based sending solution. Editorial: Atomic Kid.

Save on UPS Shipping

A short, animated video that announces the new UPS discounted rates when using Pitney Bowes SendPro Online for shipping. Titles drive the message for those watching without sound. Editorial: Andy Wood.

Simplify your Carrier Shipping Payments

An instructional video that shows current Pitney Bowes customers how to sign up for this valuable service. It consolidates all your company's shipping invoices into one simple bill. Editorial: Sniffen Productions.

New Standard for USPS

The United States Postal Service is implementing a new standard for postage devices: Intelligent Mail Indicia (IMI). Businesses can transition to this new requirement via SendPro products. Editorial: Atomic Kid.

Social Media Video

Fifteen second video for etailers promoting Pitney Bowes APIs (application programing interface) to manage inventory, process payments and access delivery carriers. See full campaign. Editorial: Andy Wood.

Logo Sound Design

A new Pitney Bowes initiative needed a logo sting. I wrote, recorded and mixed the audio track at my home studio using Avid Pro Tools. Graphic design and animation: Andy Wood.

Pitney Bowes Global Services

Get certified, professional support for new software and hardware installs, employee training and systems maintenance. Gain flexibilty and savings with scalable staffing. Editorial: Sniffen Productions.

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